Parsing... Treating "Slack FSG" as "Slack". Treating "Slack FSG" as "Slack". Treating "DM on discord is discouraged, so talking with someone 1:1 has to be done in public, with the concern of taking up public channel. Also people tend to disabling discord notification due to various reasons" as "Knowing the chats are public", "Lack of good DM solution", "People disable Discord notifications". Treating "cannot direct message effectively" as "Lack of good DM solution". Treating "When working on a high priority issue or an infra failure, it's a bit like whack a mole with all the different communication systems we have. I get a tidal wave of messages from different systems, no matter which method I use to try to notify the team as a whole. It makes for a stressful experience when trying to quickly fix something and communicate to the team about the issue." as "Not wanting to have multiple chat systems open at once", "Too many channels". Treating "threading is by far #1, but also lack of 1:1 and ad hoc group chats without being "friends", and lack of integration with Google Meet" as "Lack of threading", "Lack of convenient ad-hoc group chats", "Lack of Google Meet integration". Treating "Most people are available via internal chat, so there's insufficient motivation to learn how DMs work (e.g. I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that one must be "friends" before DMing)" as "I am avoiding Discord DMs because I already use another chat system successfully". Treating "They have facilitated collaboration with contributors that don't use the non-public internal chat" as "They have facilitated collaboration with other contributors". Treating "They have helped me see the contributors at work" as "They have facilitated collaboration with other contributors". Treating "gitter" as "Gitter". Treating "Nothing really" as "". Treating "slowmode" as "Slow mode". Treating "I never heard about Discord or that it is used for Flutter before" as "". Treating "I have never used Discord " as "". Treating "Haven't used them" as "No, they have not been helpful". Treating "ANZ GDG Slack" as "Slack". Treating "ANZ GDG Slack" as "Slack". Treating "Slow mode (1 msg / 10min) when I used hackers-desktop to post" as "Slow mode". Treating "SLACK" as "Slack". Treating "SLACK" as "Slack". Treating "Fragmentation of information: there are so many channels, its time consuming to monitor them all" as "Too many channels". Treating "It does not allow conversation in threads which make it difficult to chat 1:1 in public channels" as "". Treating "My use of Discord DMs has been for non-Flutter purposes." as "". Treating "I am aware but haven't used them much. I tend to use Discord for personal use, not work, so I keep it closed otherwise I'll get distracted from work tasks." as "No, they have not been helpful". Treating "I have had DM on since we started using Discord, and I've had exactly one person try to DM me, and it was a pleasant experience." as "I have used Discord DMs successfully". Treating "I mean I only communicate with other Flutter contributor via certain issues... although I've always want to talk to someone who's also using the tech to build stuff but I have no idea where to find them... I know there's Gitter but I don't think is good for tracing the old messages or not quite convenient because when many people ask questions, it's hard to know which one you should concern... but now I know you guys use discord, I will give it a try soon, I am dying to talk to someone about a feature I hope there's native support in the flutter codebase..." as "GitHub". Treating "Like what I said above, I only talk to contributor over certain issue on Github issue... but I would really like to have a chance to talk to them 1:1 other than Github issue" as "GitHub". Treating "I haven't used it so I don't think I should give any opinions on this..." as "". Treating "Slack" as "Slack". Treating "Slack" as "Slack". RESULTS ======= COHORTS ALL = All respondents (68 respondents) TEAM = Most active contributors (48 respondents) GOOG = Googlers (34 respondents) OTHER = Non-Googlers (34 respondents) How satisfied are you with Discord as a communication medium? CSAT 33.3% VSAT 12.1% All respondents (ALL) CSAT 33.3% VSAT 8.3% Most active contributors (TEAM) CSAT 23.5% VSAT 2.9% Googlers (GOOG) CSAT 43.8% VSAT 21.9% Non-Googlers (OTHER) How do you communicate with other Flutter contributors as a group today? (select all those that you use regularly) ALL TEAM GOOG OTHER 67.6% 68.8% 76.5% 58.8% Discord (the official Flutter Discord) 30.9% 29.2% 55.9% 5.9% E-mail 1.5% 0.0% 0.0% 2.9% Facebook 79.4% 79.2% 76.5% 82.4% GitHub 1.5% 0.0% 0.0% 2.9% Gitter 44.1% 41.7% 76.5% 11.8% Non-public corporate chat system 5.9% 6.3% 0.0% 11.8% Slack 14.7% 10.4% 2.9% 26.5% Twitter 1.5% 0.0% 2.9% 0.0% WeChat 2.9% 2.1% 0.0% 5.9% (no response) 2.5 2.0 3.0 2.0 median number of answers per respondent How do you communicate with other Flutter contributors directly (1:1) today? (select all those that you use regularly) ALL TEAM GOOG OTHER 38.2% 41.7% 32.4% 44.1% Discord (DMs or 1:1 chats in public chat channels) 42.6% 43.8% 64.7% 20.6% E-mail 55.9% 58.3% 61.8% 50.0% GitHub 1.5% 2.1% 2.9% 0.0% Google Meet 44.1% 45.8% 76.5% 11.8% Non-public corporate chat system 4.4% 2.1% 2.9% 5.9% Public Google Hangouts 5.9% 6.3% 0.0% 11.8% Slack 8.8% 10.4% 0.0% 17.6% Twitter 1.5% 0.0% 2.9% 0.0% WeChat 5.9% 4.2% 0.0% 11.8% (no response) 2.0 2.0 2.5 1.0 median number of answers per respondent What are the biggest pain points of our Discord chat channels? (select all that apply) ALL TEAM GOOG OTHER 13.2% 14.6% 2.9% 23.5% Discord itself 23.5% 20.8% 44.1% 2.9% Groups I need to talk to (e.g. specific customers) aren't on our Discord 7.4% 10.4% 8.8% 5.9% Inability to mark oneself as being unavailable 10.3% 8.3% 20.6% 0.0% Knowing the chats are public 1.5% 2.1% 2.9% 0.0% Lack of Google Meet integration 1.5% 2.1% 2.9% 0.0% Lack of convenient ad-hoc group chats 2.9% 2.1% 2.9% 2.9% Lack of good DM solution 54.4% 54.2% 76.5% 32.4% Lack of threading 47.1% 54.2% 79.4% 14.7% Not wanting to have multiple chat systems open at once 1.5% 0.0% 2.9% 0.0% People disable Discord notifications 2.9% 2.1% 0.0% 5.9% Slow mode 7.4% 6.3% 5.9% 8.8% The atmosphere on our Discord channels 2.9% 4.2% 5.9% 0.0% Too many channels 23.5% 20.8% 2.9% 44.1% (no response) 2.0 2.0 2.5 1.0 median number of answers per respondent What has your experience with Discord DMs (direct messages, i.e. 1:1 communication) been? (select all that apply) ALL TEAM GOOG OTHER 1.5% 2.1% 2.9% 0.0% Discord DMs are hard to use 7.4% 10.4% 14.7% 0.0% Having to use different chat systems for group chats and private chats is a significant pain point that drives me away from Discord 33.8% 35.4% 41.2% 26.5% I am avoiding Discord DMs as recommended by go/flutter-policy or 1.5% 2.1% 2.9% 0.0% I am avoiding Discord DMs because I already use another chat system successfully 4.4% 4.2% 5.9% 2.9% I cannot enable Discord DMs because I get abuse 10.3% 12.5% 14.7% 5.9% I cannot enable Discord DMs because I get random people asking questions all the time 10.3% 14.6% 11.8% 8.8% I cannot use Discord DMs because I have confidential matters to discuss; I must use corporate chat systems 10.3% 10.4% 14.7% 5.9% I cannot use Discord DMs because the people I want to talk to have it disabled 1.5% 2.1% 2.9% 0.0% I get random friend requests from people I've never interacted with 25.0% 27.1% 26.5% 23.5% I have used Discord DMs successfully 16.2% 12.5% 14.7% 17.6% I was not aware that Discord had DMs 22.1% 18.8% 14.7% 29.4% (no response) 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 median number of answers per respondent Have our Discord chat channels been helpful? (select all that apply) ALL TEAM GOOG OTHER 11.8% 8.3% 0.0% 23.5% I was not aware of the Discord chat channels 23.5% 25.0% 29.4% 17.6% No, they have not been helpful 45.6% 50.0% 52.9% 38.2% They have facilitated collaboration with other contributors 14.7% 12.5% 20.6% 8.8% They have helped me build and ship Flutter 19.1% 18.8% 11.8% 26.5% They have helped me contribute more effectively relative to other communication methods 11.8% 10.4% 14.7% 8.8% (no response) 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 median number of answers per respondent What communication systems do you have open at the moment? (select all that apply) ALL TEAM GOOG OTHER 72.1% 75.0% 82.4% 61.8% Discord 85.3% 93.8% 91.2% 79.4% E-mail 14.7% 16.7% 2.9% 26.5% Facebook 16.2% 16.7% 2.9% 29.4% Facebook messenger 7.4% 8.3% 0.0% 14.7% Gitter 51.5% 47.9% 82.4% 20.6% Google Chat 25.0% 27.1% 32.4% 17.6% Google Hangouts 2.9% 4.2% 0.0% 5.9% IRC 1.5% 2.1% 0.0% 2.9% Mattermost 14.7% 10.4% 5.9% 23.5% Reddit 2.9% 4.2% 0.0% 5.9% Signal 8.8% 8.3% 2.9% 14.7% Skype 33.8% 35.4% 8.8% 58.8% Slack 2.9% 2.1% 2.9% 2.9% Telegram 23.5% 25.0% 5.9% 41.2% Twitter 1.5% 0.0% 2.9% 0.0% WeChat 1.5% 2.1% 2.9% 0.0% WhatsApp 4.4% 0.0% 0.0% 8.8% (no response) 3.0 3.0 3.0 4.0 median number of answers per respondent How do you contribute to Flutter? (select all that apply) ALL TEAM GOOG OTHER 33.8% 47.9% 67.6% 0.0% I am employed to contribute to Flutter 10.3% 8.3% 2.9% 17.6% I have contributed 1 or 2 PRs this year 1.5% 2.1% 0.0% 2.9% I have contributed 1 or 2 PRs this year but none of them were merged 36.8% 52.1% 50.0% 23.5% I have contributed more than 2 PRs this year 1.5% 0.0% 0.0% 2.9% I have never contributed to Flutter 20.6% 22.9% 0.0% 41.2% I mostly contribute by helping people, e.g. on Discord 35.3% 50.0% 8.8% 61.8% I mostly contribute in the Issues database (e.g. filing issues, triage, finding steps to reproduce, etc) 50.0% 50.0% 100.0% 0.0% I work for Google 7.4% 0.0% 0.0% 14.7% (no response) 2.0 2.0 2.0 1.5 median number of answers per respondent FREEFORM REPLIES: * Encourage Googlers to use Discord more when possible. Lots of conversations end up on corp hangouts chat (I'm guilty of starting conversations there myself that should be on Discord, out of habit). * Fewer channels, across both Discord and corp. chat. It's too hard to to know where a conversation is happening and even harder to follow one on Discord because of lack of threading. Corp. chat also contains a superset of potential participants so thats what everyone defaults to. Since community member updates are throttled, there is little to no participation from the community on the Discord channels I follow (this may not hold for all channels I suspect). I haven't logged into Discord for a week and haven't felt I missed out on anything. * Flutter should move to Slack (threading is very important) * Having multiple chat systems to monitor will always be a challenge - I'm already more interrupt driving than I would want. * Hmm... because I am a big fan of Flutter, you guys don't have to do anything to bring me into to the conversation, I will find you to have the conversation! I just hope that there's time for me to have the conversation with you.😄 * I don't like that I may have to anonymize myself to be treated with respect. * Lack of threading in discord really made me uncomfortable, either jumping into a discussion or start a new topic. * Move my team (web) to Discord * Not much, it's more about myself * Switch to Google Chat * Threading on Discord. * having multiple chat systems makes it hard to manage the various conversations, we have google chat for a number of conversations and discord for another set, this makes it hard. * 1. I would prefer to use Slack to Discord because of its threading model, and because it lets you pause notifications for periods of time (30 minutes, hour, etc) without needing to remember to resume notifications, as opposed to Discord's do not disturb feature. 2. There are so many communication channels on Discord and corporate Hangouts Chat that I don't know where to get or distribute information. For example, quite a few times I investigated a tree closure and spent time finding the underlying issue (say, the dart commit that caused the problem), only to realize the investigation and fix was already complete in either Flutter Engine Sheriff or Flutter & Dart Hangouts Chat. * Discord has been working OK for me. I was able to successfully use DM to speak to external contributors when needed, and haven't had any major issues with it. The biggest failing is not having threading. I miss lots of discussions because they are interleaved with other discussions, and it's often hard to find the context for a comment. Because of this, I rarely scroll back more than a page to try and see what people have been talking about: it's too hard to follow the conversations. I tend to track one or two channels closely, and completely ignore the rest unless I'm tagged. I do the same on Google Chat, but it's a lot easier to see what's been happening because of the threading. * Flutter is amazing * God, there's something I really want to ask you guys, like, right now... I'm going to that discord thing you guys talk about now! * I like that the channels on Discord are available. I'm not actively contributing to Flutter at this point, but I might participate more in the future. * I love our public first approach to development. * I suggest Flutter to migrate to Slack * I support our use of Discord and I'm really happy that we make an effort to involve non-Googler contributors. * I think the public Flutter Discord is a great thing, as open public discourse is an excellent way to be included in the Flutter community. GitHub isn't the place for discussions. * My biggest problem with our comms channels are that if, for example there is a tree closure, different people will ask about it in different channels, such as discord #tree-status, #hackers-infra, #hackers-infra-cocoon, internal engine chat, internal hackers chat, internal release hotline chat, etc. If everyone knew and could agree on a single place to look for discussion for a given realtime issue, then that would meet my needs. * Nopes , not as of now * Open source chat is extremely valuable, but there are usability issues with our current iteration. Because it is not any where near a complete replacement for internal chat, I find myself jumping back and forth even within a single topic of conversation * The main issue for me with using chat systems is that being in a very diff TZ (gmt+10) its very important for the chat system to have some way to catch up on conversations that happen overnight. I VERY much like how Flutter team is trying to communicate between themselves in public forum like discord so that it feel much easier and inclusive for non googlers to participate on equal basis * The number of channels on discord can be confusing * We should reach out as part of this cycle to OSPO and see if we can galvanize them into better Google-wide infrastructure. We shouldn't need to invent the wheel here -- we're one of many Google open source projects (incl. Go, Angular, Dart, AOSP, TensorFlow) that should have a consistent solution to these problems. * Yeah, Flutter is awesome * * suggest sunsetting gitter - as it currently fragments the Flutter chat space